Doomsday is here! (for @Dog)

In the light of what was happening in Darwin when Cyclone Tracy tore the place apart many years ago, that video is more true to form than I am happy to admit. People driving to the airport and trying to get on a plane,leaving as many as 4 kids locked in the car was not an isolated incident, and that’s just for starters.

I built the retirement house for Sgt Bill Fahey who was at the time of the cyclone in charge of the NSW Police Rescue squad. He gave a lecture and slide show for our local Apex club of the activities of the squad in Darwin, which arrived on one of the first planes to land after the runway was cleared. Believe me, people can be absolutely unbelievably selfish arsehole bastards at times of crisis.

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People can be savages. It often doesn’t take much.

@dog said in Doomsday is here! (for @Dog):

People can be savages. It often doesn’t take much.

I suspect that’s why the party was there = free food and drink laid on! :smile:

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