T20 tips 2017-18

**Dispute !**Protest Entered.
As the members here nominated their picks Cliff and I went Strikers MB and Jack the Hurricanes, which puts 3 of us on 21 and on the margins I win. Not that It matters but I want the Admin Here ( that is you Cliff ) to make a standing , firm and final decision, Declaring Me the Winner, not that I care of course.:innocent:

I’m going with our own Final Round, you win.

1st prize is a weekend with MB.
2nd prize is a weekend with Toli.

“a technical error over the weekend” Horse shit… some lazy kunt didn’t turn up for work.

Well if we are going to allow protests, then I protest the monday game I was not able to enter a couple of rounds back. Margin was 68, and as I was in the habit of tipping a margin of around the 70-80 mark I want my total margin reduced by 50 points.

That puts me back in first spot, not that I care, of course.

Or we could just go by the official and undisputed results from the footytips.com site.

Either way, I win, not that I care, of course.

Yeah well, I had a similar problem back in round 2, maybe I should have won. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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