The little drummer..... girl?


I thought Darren was bald?

This is my drummer girl, 0_1512642503424_DSCF4636.JPG

I recently went to Mbale Uganda with some friends to see how we could provide in a practical way to schools etc. During our time we came across Saved By Music (facebook) a community group of kids that have been saved from being street kids and child prostitution. Shikinah was one 13 years of age and ran away from her islamic family due to female genital mutilation. Can she kick up a storm on the drums.

If any of you are involved with brass bands or brass musical instruments and have them lying around because they are (supposedly) past their used by date, please let me know, I am collecting stuff and will be returning later 2018. Some of their still used instruments.
0_1512642909701_DSCF4639.JPG 0_1512642919975_DSCF4646.JPG ![0_1512642934675_DSCF4647.JPG](Uploading 100%) !

@dog said in The little drummer..... girl?:

I thought Darren was bald?

Nah she can actually play…

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