Need Help: Property Settlement/Centrelink Fraud


Just wondering if anyone here’s been through separation and property settle, I will try to lay out my situation as best as I could and any input would be highly appreciated.

Me and my ex gf of 12 years separated around early 2014, she cheated on me and the relationship just ran its course. We have 2 young children together which I havent had any contact with for almost 2 years because she found out that Ive moved on and started dating again.

My parents died from an accident when I was very young, I got some money from compensation and bought a house when I was 18. I met my ex when I was 21. I bought the property outright. She worked on and off during the relationship because she was bored, chucked in for bills when she felt like it.

I supported her and my kids throughout the relationship, and I still do through child support.

Around 6 months ago she filed for property adjustment. Heres what Ive found out so far:

  • she’s been claiming single parent payment since 2008 till now., while living with me at my house, she used multiple different addresses for centrelink and child support purposes. Ive only found out when I went through some of the mails she forgotten when she moved out.

According to centrelink and child support weve separated in 2008. Now her lawyer’s paper is saying that we are in a defacto till 2014.

  • She came to my place mid 2015, to abuse me and my current gf, she got aggressive and violent. Cops were called. She used that incident as the reason why she refused me any access or contact with my children. I rang the police station and they told me that they have it on record that she was the agressor. Ive forwarded this info to my lawyer, but no response from her side yet.

So now she is claiming that we only separated last late 2015, she wants 70-30, 70 hers.

I dont have a lot of money or asset. Im kinda struggling at the moment. Im just wondering if theres any chance I could keep the house or if she does have any claim to it. Im more than happy to pay child support and try to give my children anything they need.

Thanks for reading. Just really lost at the moment.

Been there done that, don’t trust the lawyers, they are in it for as much as they can get out of it, the longer they can make it drag on the better.
If you go to court, you’ll lose.
Got nothing else for you.

Ditto to above and she bled me dry, after getting back on my feet she started again.
About 4 years ago it came to an abrupt halt, she died and thank Christ I wasn’t in the vicinity when it happened.
Counselling is next to useless but if you go down the track of a solicitor get a good female, they tend to attack harder than the blokes.

I’m on the tail end of a property settlement, it will be just on four years from finding out she had issues keeping her pants on until I pay her out. She has well and truly put the cleaners through me.
With two young kids 70/30 is gonna be close. Solicitors are all bastards, but I agree with Buny, get a real bitch, sure as shit your ex will and they love to squeeze your balls in a vice.

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