As Midge suggested, let’s try using Tags instead of having a plethora of categories.

Down the bottom of the post you can enter tags. These are then searchable.

Tags only reply to new threads I think - can’t add them to a post.

Would it be possible to have a private, members only forum still though? There’s occasions when I like to share stuff with the shed denizens (partly to get them off my chest) and I wouldn’t want them to get accidently found.


It’s there Mick - the purple circle. If you don’t believe me, log out and try to find it! :grinning:

@dog thinks of everything!

Have you heard from Dent?

Not since he called me from the port at Weipa last week. Skipper was waiting on a part for the Landcruiser, as soon as it arrived and got fitted they were driving down to Brownsville. I’m guessing he’s in transit now, probably be back in a day or three.


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