As we contemplate the differences between Australia and that great land of the free with its rapidly rising Stocks Index Vs our simpering ASX, check out the latest progressive report card from that noted ancient commentator, Henry Ergas :-1:

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Consider the Christmas Price Index, which every yuletide plots the cost in the US and Australia of purchasing the basket of goods and services specified in The Twelve Days of Christmas.
In the US, 90 per cent of the increase in its labour cost components since 2010 has come from gains by the ladies dancing and lords a-leaping; in Australia, on the other hand, the aristocrats’ real income has fallen by about 4 per cent a year, while “working people” — the maids a-milking, pipers piping and drummers drumming — have recorded average annual gains of 3 per cent, lifting their real income this decade by more than a third.
For sure, this country has its problems, ranging from lunatic energy policies to union thuggery. But it is equally undeniable that ever greater numbers of Australians enjoy levels of wellbeing the laconic Maluka of Mrs Aeneas Gunn’s We of the Never Never could scarcely have imagined when he promised the sweltering stockmen that the Christmas table at Elsey Station would groan with real ham and chicken, and hop-beer to boot.
There is, in other words, plenty to be grateful for — and gratitude, as Durkheim’s contemporary, Georg Simmel, so evocatively wrote, is “the moral memory of mankind”, the life-affirming reckoning that reminds us how much we receive and have left to give.
In these grudging times, may your Christmas be infused not with whinges and complaints but with the sense of thanks, and with the prospect, as often renewed as it is imperilled, of peace and prosperity, health and happiness, for all people of goodwill.

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Needs a hobby, wonder if he ever considered taking up woodwork.

I believe he’s a pen turner.

@shy-ted said in ASX:

I believe he’s a pen turner.

That also dabbles with a scroll saw

only for money, I get $1k-1.5k depending upon the complexity of the sound hole, the punters are happy to pay for a unique pattern for their instruments, the luthier finishes off the job and fine tunes the thickness so it resonates well.
Pens are not an option.

“ASX” - wasn’t that a fancy Torana? :confused:


Xu1, although Mitsubishi have an ASX, which could be rebadged as POS

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