Beware The Xmas Arseholes.

-Went to the local service station for the Sunday paper, what there is of it anyway, and saw the regular lady behind the counter was down a bit. Having noticed a different car in her usual parking spot I asked her if she had changed cars. That’s when the tale if the Xmas Arshole came out.

Now bear in mind that she is a single Mum in her early forties with 2 teenage kids, she managed to get enough out of the divorce to be able to put down a good deposit on a house which she moved into in the early part of the year. She’s no bludger as she works the 6AM to 2PM shift 6, yes six, days a week including Sat and Sun with Wed her only day off.

So last Wednesday she went out and did all her Xmas shopping, bought some new clothes for herself and on the way home she decided to wash the car on the lawn, as they both needed the water. Got home, parked on the lawn, pulled out her house keys, grabbed her purse, and went inside the house to dump it and prop the screen door open so she could carry everything in.

She’d left the keys in the car, and in the 3 minutes it took her to open the front door and go inside, dump her gear, and come back to the front door, some cunt had stolen her car complete with all her Xmas food and goodies…

… and you can guess what her insurance company told her about walking away from the car and leaving the keys in it can’t you. She’s put it in the hands of a Solicitor who seems to think she has a case for a claim.

Hopefully she gets insurance cover. My Christmas arsehole story is a breakin at work, I had left my wallet in a drawer and the prick got that but the arsehole act was knocking off a bag of Santa’s presents one co worker had hidden at work. That was Wednesday, at least there was a few shopping days to replace them. How much would he have got for them anyway, chances are they will just get dumped.

Neighbor 4 doors down walks every morning , came across a pile of mail , all ripped open and dumped. It was all from one side of a local street , so he took it all back. Some lowlife had ratted all the mail boxes looking for xmas money or gift cards etc and then just dumped it, bills and all.

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