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What do you use it for?

If it is just for the internet, e-mail etc while you are traveling, anything will do.

I have an android phone & an iPad, both would be a shitload easier to use if I could plug a mouse in, I am hopeless with touch screens even though I have small hands.

We both have Lenovos 7 inch. which we just use for reading e-books really. it cost a hundred bucks. And it’s good at what it does. the battery life is crap though for anything else

It’ll mostly be used like Cliff said. Emails and general crap on the road, sometimes a bit of productive work, but nothing too onerous. I hate “I” anything, and they look too expensive for me anyway.

I use a Lenovo ‘convertible’ tablet with removable keyboard, looks like a laptop or a tablet depending upon how you elect to use it.
Handy for slipping into my shoulder bag and having on my lap while at home and not propped in front of the PC.
About $350 but can’t recall the specs but it does have two USB ports as well as HDMI and micro USB.
Also have a Pendo tablet which is one of the most useless things I have ever owned, got it as part of a contract deal with my ISP, trying watch Youtube it just freezes up or stops midstream and has to be reset, an absolute PITA and not worth two knobs of goatshit.

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I hate “I” anything, and they look too expensive for me anyway.

So why ask the question? Just buy what makes you happy, that’s what they are all about anyway!

Go & have a look at the Lenovo range at Hardly Normal or JB HiFi… both are online if you are too far out in the sticks.

Wasn’t Lenovo IBM?

When I upgraded my last phone I went iPhone 7 plus.
Use it a lot for web browsing and as a book reader.
Using old ipad less and less, generally only in bed as a book reader.
Not saying get an iphone, suggesting get a large phone of whatever breed and use it to do all

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Wasn’t Lenovo IBM?

They were the Chinese company that made the IBM Thinkpads & once they had a good name & following, they took to trading under their own name.

As much as I hate “I” I have an iphone.
Hunted around and picked up a Samsung GAlaxy S2, not top of the range, but basically the updated model to my old Note 10.1
Opportunity presented itself just after I posted my query and I went down on it quicker than a fat kid on a seesaw

Good move stay away from the evil i.
Got my wife a 10.1 samsung from dick smith as it crashed and burnt some time back. It was 40% off . She is chuffed with it , only watches movies and some face/tunes but uses it every day . A nice bit of tac.

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