We were shooting stick on my new 9ft table last night when a cracking storm rolled over the ville

The new place is up on Yarrawonga drive…where all the poor people live
Well just as I was setting up on the black a bolt hit about 200 metres away

The gurl fair dinkum shit BC pup took it in her stride and the guests bolted to my study which is essentially a bomb shelter under an 8inch concrete floor…Dents shrine is down there

So I spent the next few hours talking of the man that was

I love the view from up there

OK notdent you’ve had enough time to get settled in here, so when are we going to hear the sad tale of the demise of our old mate Dent? Dent, the legendary Redhead rooting, Spaniard slaughtering, pool playing philanderer of the Far North.

You forgot Lothario…

@bunyip said in Lightning:

You forgot Lothario…

I don’t remember him being a member here.:confused:


There are a few pages missing from his notebook

Love to expand but I’m due to be let out in a few minutes

So hang in there

Parole or for a shit on the footpath?

@notdent said in Lightning:

There are a few pages missing from his notebook

Few kangaroos missing from his top paddock as well

Just to choke a few magpies that eat the dogs tucker.
Brush the billiard table,get the spa up to temp and get the oysters and Moët out

@notdent said in Lightning:

get the oysters and Moët out

Back in my day day we’d just say, get our dick out. All this new fangled language.

The gurl has a brother who owns a well known seafood restaurant. Can’t diss the Greeks when it comes to seafood
We are fond of that brand of bubbly this time of year…the 2006 vintage was nice but not their best

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