Sunday Fryup.

Well folks, how did you survive the Sunday Fryup? It hit 42°C here at 12.30PM. 11.50AM at the moment and it is 33°C and climbing.

Long live Daikin, the Japanese God of coolness.

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Made it to about 40, sat under aircon and watched cricket. Currently about 36 here now and I’ve just come inside after working cattle in yards since early this morning. I’ve wilted a little and am gonna hold up in the cool until later and go back out.

Sunday was a wonderful day, however, I left home at 0800 Saturday and in was 20, 0820 it was 32 and climbing, hit 42.
Left work at 1730 and it was still 42 then dropped to 29 in 30 minutes.
It was windy as buggery too around the Dandenongs which was a worry with fire potential.

Hit 44 here, stayed inside with the aircon on all day. Stupid dog wanted to go outside, because that’s what we always do. Took him out and he lay in the garden for a while, the came in reluctantly.
Had to put the hose on mist for the magpies, they were gasping in the heat.


Got to 42 on Saturday. Stayed pretty cool in the house. It takes a few days to heat up but luckily this time we had a cool change in the early evening.

42 Sunday, I was in the shed welding and grinding, felt like about 62

went outside and lay in the sun to cool off.

job had to be done before I went back to work, didn’t enjoy it for one second

It was an absolute pearler in Brissy… wish you were there, we had a sheyetload of left over potato salad to chew through.

@cliff-rogers said in Sunday Fryup.:

It was an absolute pearler in Brissy… wish you were there,


And in the surf the water temperature was (and will remain) a comfortable and refreshing 27°

Rode from Broadford, Vic to Parkes, NSW today. Stopped in Temora and sat in Woolworths enjoying cold fruit, a drink and the aircon for about half an hour. Don’t know what the temperature got to but I started with 5 layers on on top, plus a neck stocking and an extra zip on collar and ended up with just a coolmax T-shirt and my jacket with all the vents open. By late afternoon I had to put the rain liner in because it bucketed down. BTW did you know that there is a huge Elvis festival in Parkes every year? The whole place is decorated with memorabilia and there’s Elvis music blaring out of PAs in the main street. I can still hear it from my tent. grumble!


Got to about 26 here…

Mick your Elvis story reminds me of when we went to Venice. We booked accommodation before we left Australia but we had a lot of trouble getting a room in Venice. At the last minute there was a cancellation and the travel agent managed to get us one. When we arrived, we mentioned to the girl at the desk that we’d had a bit of trouble and wondered why. She said “please don’t tell me you came to Venice the weekend of the ‘regatta storica’ and did not even realise how lucky you were to get a room, the whole city is booked out!”.

There is only one ‘t’ in regata storica.

Wrong, there are two! (Not three)

Puck’n fedant.

@silentc said in Sunday Fryup.:

Wrong, there are two! (Not three)

Wong no there are four scott his misses and the kids

@tolovar said in Sunday Fryup.:

@silentc said in Sunday Fryup.:

Wrong, there are two! (Not three)

Wong no there are four scott his misses and the kids

There are 5 Wongs I do believe, not counting the rocking horses.

Nailed it to a T.


5 Wongs don’t make a Wight.

You want to buy an R?

Or swap the ‘g’ for an ‘e’…

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