St Peters List 2018

Same as last year , but seeing I got Adam West I’ll add Dick Van Dyke instead

Abdul Halim Khaddam
Dick Van Dyke
Duke of Edinburgh
Jerry Stiller
Kim Jong-Un
Kirk Douglas
Maryanne Faithful
Queen Elizabeth II
Roger Rogerson
Rupert Murdoch (Though they probably wont announce it )

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Didn’t submit last year.

Prince Phillip
David Attenborough
Rod Stewart
Steven Hawking
Ozzy Osbourne
Barry Humphries
Donald Trump
Bob Dylan

The missus hates this idea. No ill feelings for any of the above.

My choices. I didn’t do this last year so a new list.
Robert Mugabe
Prince Philip
Rolf Harris
Kirk Douglas
Sidney Poitier
Clive James
Billy Graham
George Bush snr
Donald Trump
Rupert Murdoch

Sticking with last years selections. eventually some of them have to go.

Betty White
Britney Spears
Charlie Sheen
David Attenborough
Duke of Edinburgh
Ex-Pope Benedict
Jimmy Carter
Judy Dench
Robert Mugabe
Roger Rogerson


No one got Dolores O’Riordan.

If you think musos are dropping like flies hers a list of possables![alt text](0_1516182575356_st bpeters list possables.jpg image url)

OK I’ll get started on the list soon…

“Changa” Langlands has gone at 76, announced today.

@termite said in St Peters List 2018:

“Changa” Langlands has gone at 76, announced today.

Sorry to hear that, but they may be able to recycle him for scrap metal.

I remember the last game he played, it was the worst he had ever played, and to cap it off he wore white boots. Common now but totally outrageous back in those days.

Billy Graham has died. I got one, I got one.😄😄😄


No one got the death of Australian Cricket.

@dog said in St Peters List 2018:

No one got the death of Australian Cricket.

The ashes has been done, maybe we could have a trophy comprised entirely of the shrunken heads of the current team?

I don’t know if it is dead yet, seriously fucked for sure.

Bill Maynard at 89, anyone have him?

And today we have Winnie Mandela.

Now Darryl Eastlake

75 is a bit close to home…

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