I made a pen

I’ve just published a book that tells you which saw to use for different tasks

A Little Saw

A Little Saw

I saw what you did there.

Maybe you could do one on cutters after SWMBO buggered my coax cutters cutting fencing wire.

I had both my ingrown big toenails operated on 7 weeks ago and they are still saw, have I been cutting the wrong material with them?

Actually I’m waiting for the time to leave for the Doctors as I’ve just finished a repeat dose of antibiotics and the bloody things are still not healed. 7 weeks for toes to heal is bullshit, I went back to work 4 weeks after major bowel surgery a few years ago.

Actually, wasn’t it the carpenter’s daughter that gave the blokes circular saws?

@bunyip I had a serious discussion with a mate who should have known better about cutting self-tapping screws with side cutters.

@termite There is a section on selection of saw based on the material but it does not cover toenails. It also does not cover dead bodies which was one of the suggestions from twitter. The section on how to select a saw based on the tasks does not have a recommendation for which saw to sign your name onto a kindle with.

Other than that I believe it’s perfect.

An interview with the author…


Yes. I interviewed myself, possibly one of the first signs of madness other than signing up to Blokey Shed

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