Real estate cunts

The gurl and I leased a nice place at Yarrawonga in the ‘Ville
Great views and shitloads of room

There has been a raft of issues with the building that either have not been dealt with or fixed half arsed

So the other day the 3 month inspection comes around. “ you’ve installed a spa without the owners consent “

So they want us to remove it urgently

Fuck them. Until the dishwasher works,the electric garage doors,the flick mixer,the fan in my study,the front balustrade,the sliders in the robe and the gutters get cleaned they get nothing

We paid 6 months in advance…that’s a pile in anyone’s language for a place like this

The spa stays

Hit them with a Notice to remedy breach (Form 11)

Define “install”… Is there anything in the lease that says you can’t store a spa?

Do what Cliff says.

We got close to remedy form when the cap rail on the front balustrade fell off but that was Christmas Eve so we just got pissed and watched cricket

I think they’ve realised suddenly they want something and can see they have not held up their end

A new dishwasher comes on the morrow

It’s all about dickwaving and pool and spa rules.

We are gonna do nothing and if push comes to shove I’ll drain it send them a picture and refill the thing

Send them a picture of yourself naked in it …that will teach em!

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