More Chewing the fat

Gristle, can reply on the main computer but not the tablet as the keyboard takes up most of the screen.
Uploaded a dog image OK I think

Found the edit top right hand corner under the three dots

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Seems to work. It’s a bit different to VB but just a matter of getting used to it I suppose

Good. Looks OK. Let’s go Chris!

Looks better now that it has a white background. When I first tried it the background was black.

Looks good. Easy enough to navigate.

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I wanted to see what a “reply” does, and also note that I tried to flag bunyip’s very rude cartoon (no emoticons? :-) ) for moderation, but can’t because I don’t have enough reputation.

What’s a reputation when it’s at home?

Also the “like”/“dislike” things could be nice for grown men to play with. (ahhh… that’s reputation… I’ll be right back - just going to give everyone three points! )

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@Joker said in More Chewing the fat:

Looks good. Easy enough to navigate.

just testing to see what a quote looks like - but as a new user I have to wait for 120 seconds between posts or until I have three reputation!
I DEMAND reputation!

Thanks for all the reputation chaps, now I am going to lodge a complaint about Bunnies offensive cartoon above and see how long it takes for the moderator to get back to me! (damn I miss emojis)

This is the Shed, it’ll take a while ;)

I think ‘Chewing more fat’ is more correcter. Like the Like.

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