More Chewing the fat

Mmmm fat.


@dog said in More Chewing the fat:

Mmmm fat.

I can quote myself

Ok registered and in , will take a little getting use to , but what the fuck

Ok now I can actually type in the box. Don’t chew fat, let it dribble a bit.

Looks nice and modern, and if it’s easier for the Dog to run it then let’s go with it.

Gristle, can reply on the main computer but not the tablet as the keyboard takes up most of the screen.
Uploaded a dog image OK I think

Found the edit top right hand corner under the three dots

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Seems to work. It’s a bit different to VB but just a matter of getting used to it I suppose

Good. Looks OK. Let’s go Chris!

Looks better now that it has a white background. When I first tried it the background was black.

Looks good. Easy enough to navigate.

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I wanted to see what a “reply” does, and also note that I tried to flag bunyip’s very rude cartoon (no emoticons? :-) ) for moderation, but can’t because I don’t have enough reputation.

What’s a reputation when it’s at home?

Also the “like”/“dislike” things could be nice for grown men to play with. (ahhh… that’s reputation… I’ll be right back - just going to give everyone three points! )

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@Joker said in More Chewing the fat:

Looks good. Easy enough to navigate.

just testing to see what a quote looks like - but as a new user I have to wait for 120 seconds between posts or until I have three reputation!
I DEMAND reputation!

Thanks for all the reputation chaps, now I am going to lodge a complaint about Bunnies offensive cartoon above and see how long it takes for the moderator to get back to me! (damn I miss emojis)

This is the Shed, it’ll take a while ;)

I think ‘Chewing more fat’ is more correcter. Like the Like.

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