Pizza Oven

OK, so I have a gas pizza oven which I am not really happy with and looking at one of these

Anybody here used one, they are not very big but seem to do a good job and get up to about 900°F in 10 minutes, one hopper of pellets is supposedly good for about two pizzas.
Another plus id the are reasonably light and can be stored away when not in use.
Just under AU$400.
Pellets are readily available from a number of places and come in soft or hardwood but they suggest softwood, probably hardwood is too hot.

Edit: That music is shitful.

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If you can afford it, get yourself a Kamado Joe. They are fucking great. They do smoking, slow cooking (14 hours or more), grilling and do pizzas as well.

Or failing that build a cob oven.

We thought about a wood fired pizza oven but we tend to move around a bit depending on the wind, rain, dust and also they are bloody big.
Looked at the ‘eggs’ but not sure that was what we were after and are happy with the Weber Q and Pro Q smoker.
This one gets bloody hot and is quite portable, music is optional.
For $400 it is no great loss if it doesn’t work but just interested to see if anyone has tried one rather that read loaded reviews.


You need a KJ, you just don’t know it yet.

Doing a roast beef as we speak.

I just use a pizza stone in our electric oven. Works for me.

You can cook Indian breads tandoori style too, ovens work but don’t get anywhere near as hot as this particular pizza oven, I bit the bullet and decided to try one, also ordered an IR temp gauge off ebay.


Also, pizzas 🍕, cooked in a wood fired oven tastes better.

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