F'wit drivers I have met.

I’ve laughed at them on UTube and the TV while at the same time shuddering internally realising that these clowns are out there on the roads with us.
Well I met one this morning, luckily in a wide open car park and not on a highway. Just back from a cruise with a dose of the wog I was patiently sitting in my car, in the massive car park where our doctor has his rooms, while Pam was getting her share of the wog antibiotics.
There was a vacant space next to the passenger side, I was backed into our slot, BAM! This fuckwit woman had approached at a rate of knots from my L/H side and tried to swing into the parking space next to me, didn’t fucking make it did she, she nailed me with her passenger side front quarter right into my passenger front wheel area. Not so good for me as I’ll need a new guard, the wheel taking the brunt of the force without any damage.
No such let off for dingbat’s nice shiny Mazda M3 SP25, the tarted up one, it’s a mess in that front quarter area.

Long story short, this 50yo idiot, apart from not wearing the glasses her licence said she should, didn’t seem to care about what she’d done, couldn’t understand that I was somewhat upset with her(to put it mildly), didn’t even bother to look at the mess her car was in, and tried to hurry me along getting her details because she was running late for a meeting. Yep, they’re out there with us.

Mon 19th of this month car goes in for repair, free taxi home, 3 days later free taxi back to pick up car, seems that GIO does not fuck around these days.

Glad you were there to ping her. I’ve had 2 in car parks that I haven’t been able to identify the bastards. One I blamed the missus for as it was the same height as my TS and I thought she’d done it backing out of what she erroneously calls the garage, but which is in fact the workshop. Then I saw that it extended to the back of the car, which would be impossible to do in the workshop.
You might like to post this on TOP. There’s a discussion there at present about the merits (or otherwise) of reversing into parking bays.
This seems a cogent argument for doing so, but I suspect that most of the f’wits can’t.

At the doctors this morning and Ms Fuckwit reversed her new Saab out of a bay and nailed the i30 beside as she swung around, went back in and corrected the turn then reversed out correctly, she went to drive off and I confronted her stating that she had dented the rear panel and door on the i30.
Are you going to leave your details sez moi, I don’t think so she said and took off.
Got her rego and gave it to the owner when she came out.

Many years ago in a previous job, had the fortune to witness a bogan dickhead back into to side of a mercedes benz in the carpark and then fuck off without leaving details. Got his rego and left a note on the Benz telling the owner to come in to our work and ask for me.

Well, she comes in all guns firing, giving me a gobful about the damage I had done to her car. Let her go and then explained it wasn’t me, but I had the rego of the car that did it, and she could go fuck herself for the gob off. She threatened al sorts of shit and left.

Hour later her husband fronts up apologising for her behaviour and almost begging for the details. Told him sorry, chucked out the details after his missus left because of her attitude. He thanked me and apologised again and left.

Got the impression it wasn’t he first time he had apologised for her.

Gobby bitch got what she deserved.

Ive now got dash cameras front and rear and the dont turn off, have them wired through something and then to battery.The something can tell if battery is getting too low and will switch system off. Ive caught 2 shit heads doing damage to other vehicles, so far touch wood nothing has happened to my ute.

If its involved in accident my insurance has a complete invitory of all extras added and their costs and fittings and will come good to the party.

My ute is now called Gizmo due to all the electrical gizmos on it. The local auto sparkie does not want to see me walk in with another box os ‘some shit or other caused stuffed if I know where it will fit’.

I have a Thinkware F750 front and rear camera, HD and good quality video, has low battery, normal recording, motion activation and impact activation for parking, starts recording about 20 seconds prior to the event in both cases.
Motion detection is a pain in the arse as it records every bird flying past when I am parked at home so I just have impact detection turned on.
Normal video starts when the ignition is turned on.
Has its own micro USB card and I can download to my phone via wifi, records in 1 minute blocks.
Not the cheapest but by far the best I have had to date, cost me $800 installed, the latest model has cloud storage too and is just over $1k installed.

I rely on the people I cut off to send me a link to the clip on social media.

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