Anyone near Minto?

I am after a 3PL Top Link for the tractor and this bloke has some but won’t post.
Just needs to be wrapped in some cardboard and stuck in a 5kg post pack which is $17.60.
Can transfer funds to your acc plus a bit for your time.


Yes, but this bloke wants $16 for them, brand new and shop soiled, old stock.
I need a short top link which are a bit hard to find.

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Try his mob

I already have a bareco and they are just a tad too long, the genuine Kubota is close on $200, as I said these ones are $16 and I think they are the short Bareco.
Unfortunately with the Bareco I cannot angle the grader quite enough as it is at the end of it’s length, I hate frigging around with top links and would like one for each attachment.
I have also considered a quick hitch but of course there is no uniform spacing of pins on the attachments, they all just have to be different.

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