Ball tampering?

Very articulate and to the point.


Smith & Warner have stood down.

The Australian team should forfeit the third test.

Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazelwood and Mitchell Starc have also been implicated as members of the leadership group. If so they should be sent home with Smith and Warner at the conclusion of this test.

Reports around that Rajasthan Royals have dumped Smith from his $2.4 million contract to captain them in the upcoming IPL.

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End of cricket nah there’s too much money involved , Ball tampering many have been caught in the past , stupidity on the other hand , sack them , as for South African response think Hansie Cronje

The only appropriate response to this is to sack the entire team. That is the only way that the Australian cricket team can re-gain any measure of respect from the Australian public. And nothing else counts.

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End of cricket nah there’s too much money involved , Ball tampering many have been caught in the past , stupidity on the other hand , sack them , as for South African response think Hansie Cronje

Great idea, now how to we get them all on a plane to Mt Eribus?

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, as for South African response think Hansie Cronje

and there’s the rub… Hansie’s been dead for 16 years but the Saffer team still has to wear his legacy.

Australia will be thought of as cheats for the rest of my lifetime if they don’t kill them all in all forms of the game!

Well I’ve been so gobsmacked that I haven’t, as you can see, rushed in and made any comment so far. I seriously doubted that Smitty was as stupid as his statements have made himself and Warner out to be, and it would appear that the latest statement by Moises Henriques backs up my thoughts.
Anyway the integrity bloke landed yesterday and Sutherland arrives in SA this morning, the full truth of the matter is still to come, and there just may be quite a few prominent people eating some of their words.

If Henriques is right, Smith is too stupid and immature to be captain in any case!

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If Henriques is right, Smith is too stupid and immature to be captain in any case!

Agreed, either way he’s hung himself.

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If that was true, the best thing he could have done as a leader was to burn those responsible publicly.
If he thinks he was doing those that were really responsible a big favour, he was very very wrong.

Hi long time lurker here… in all honesty , why do people insist on thinking that sports people are above reproach? that they lost by 300 odd runs makes me think “why bother if you are already gunna lose?”

G’day Zed, long time no see.

It does beg the question why they would bother.

They didn’t want to lose by 300 runs?

How are you Zeddie? All good I hope.

An update from James Sutherland

Dear Australian Cricket Fans,

I would like to provide you with a further update on the situation with the Australian Men’s Cricket Team. We appreciate the concern you have regarding this situation and we wanted to ensure that you received this news directly from us.

I have recently concluded a meeting with the Cricket Australia Board in which we discussed the findings to date of the investigation into the incident in Cape Town. The initial outcomes and actions are as follows:
Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft have been officially reported for breaching Cricket Australia’s Code of Conduct and will depart the squad immediately.
The preliminary findings have confirmed that prior knowledge of the incident in Cape Town was confined to only the three players reported.
Sanctions are expected to be announced within the next 24 hours.
Tim Paine has been endorsed as Captain of the Australian Men’s Test Team.
Matthew Renshaw, Glenn Maxwell and Joe Burns will fly to Johannesburg today to join the squad for the Fourth Test against South Africa.
In addition to sanctions for the individuals involved, Cricket Australia will initiate an independent review into the conduct and culture of our Australian men’s teams. The review will be an important step in rebuilding and restoring your pride in our Men’s teams.

Our teams have a responsibility as role models to ensure they uphold the values Australians expect, and to inspire us through the way they play.

Further, the health and welfare of our players and other staff is of the utmost priority. The Team Psychologist is with the team and providing support, while a number of players and staff have family and friends with them in South Africa.

The last few days have provided the strongest of indications of the passion Australians have for cricket and the Australian Men’s Team. Fans have provided a consistent voice regarding their expectations and we have been listening. We greatly value the feedback we receive from the Australian Cricket Family and will take the necessary steps to address your concerns.

James Sutherland
Chief Executive Officer - Cricket Australia

Not quite good enough I think. Let’s see where Boof is at the end of the week?


Couldn’t quite bring himself to say ‘cheat’.


I would say an appropriate punishment. I would have been happy with a 6 month ban for Bancroft but 9 months is fair if a little harsh.

The enormity of Australian cricket’s ball-tampering scandal was emphasised on Wednesday when Smith and David Warner were suspended by Cricket Australia for 12 months and Cameron Bancroft for nine months.

The bans will prohibit them from playing for Australia or for their states during that period.
Smith was told he would not be able to captain Australia for at least two years after the ban expired, while Warner will never be permitted to lead the country under the sanctions.
CA chief executive James Sutherland met with the players in their hotel in the city’s Sandton district on Wednesday morning to tell them their penalties before they flew out of the country back to Australia.

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