Ball tampering?


What the fjook were they thinking?


Completely lacking integrity. Lost any respect I had for the them.

Unbelievably stupid and a disgrace.
Smith must be sacked as captain and Lehman as coach.


Yes and the leadership team suspended for at least a year.

Disgraceful. I have no longer any interest in this team as it stands. If Boof had any part of it then he should be removed immediately, as should anyone else involved. Why give a cheat even the smallest leeway?

Send them all home now.

Posted this today on facebook, for all those who dont have facebook, here it is.

An open letter to the Australian Cricket Team

I have two children who play U12 and U14 cricket. Their coaches over the last two seasons have been wonderful, teaching the children entrusted to them not only the basic skills of cricket, the bowling, batting, fielding, catching, positions etc., but also teaching them about good sportsmanship, how to win with humility, how to lose with dignity and how to show empathy to fellow team mates or opposition players when they are injured.

They and their teammates (and I’m sure most junior cricketers around Australia) look up to the players who play at the highest level, and are wanting to emulate what they see them doing on the field. So it was with absolute dismay that this morning when logging in to check how you fared on day three of the 3rd Test against South Africa, I am greeted with images and headlines showing you to be nothing but a team of grubs and cheats.

This series against South Africa has shown the absolute worst behaviour from two international teams representing their country in any sport that I can remember ever watching.

I was prepared to give you, the players, the benefit of the doubt during your recent hissy fit over the contract debacle that you finally got your way, however all respect and support is now withdrawn.

To Steve Smith, the captain of the team, who looks to be the architect of this cheating episode, you are now dead to me. I don’t care how many runs you now make, I don’t care how many games and series you win, all I will now remember of you is that you are a grub and a cheat.

To Cameron Bancroft, give the game away, all you will ever be remembered for is trying to be a cheat, and failing at it.

To James Sutherland, boss of Cricket Australia, these two grubs, and any others who were involved in this sordid affair, should be put on a plane, 2nd class economy, at the end of this test and returned to Australia, to take no further part in this series.
Once home, they should be subject to a disciplinary hearing, and as they have admitted their guilt, should have their current contracts torn up and be banned from playing all forms of cricket for at least 12 months. Anything less would be a joke.

In recent years the ICC has set a very low bar as far as what sort of behaviour on and off field is acceptable. They now are reaping what they have sown. Weak leadership at the top has led us to what we are now witnessing all around the world wherever cricket is played. I would have hoped our team would be better than that, sadly I have been shown that is not the case.

I would rather see a group of third grade country cricketers represent our country instead of the over paid, under talented, poorly behaved, prima donna cheats and grubs who are currently in the First XI.

Yours Sincerly
Geoff Dean

#stevesmithcheat #cameronbancroftcheat #sendthemhome

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Great work MB.

If CA don’t act and punish those culpable appropriately, it is the end of cricket. Cricket is already losing viewers, this will make cricket an also ran sport.

I think it is absolutely the end of cricket.

What a sad day.

Very articulate and to the point.


Smith & Warner have stood down.

The Australian team should forfeit the third test.

Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazelwood and Mitchell Starc have also been implicated as members of the leadership group. If so they should be sent home with Smith and Warner at the conclusion of this test.

Reports around that Rajasthan Royals have dumped Smith from his $2.4 million contract to captain them in the upcoming IPL.

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End of cricket nah there’s too much money involved , Ball tampering many have been caught in the past , stupidity on the other hand , sack them , as for South African response think Hansie Cronje

The only appropriate response to this is to sack the entire team. That is the only way that the Australian cricket team can re-gain any measure of respect from the Australian public. And nothing else counts.

@tolovar said in Ball tampering?:

End of cricket nah there’s too much money involved , Ball tampering many have been caught in the past , stupidity on the other hand , sack them , as for South African response think Hansie Cronje

Great idea, now how to we get them all on a plane to Mt Eribus?

@tolovar said in Ball tampering?:
, as for South African response think Hansie Cronje

and there’s the rub… Hansie’s been dead for 16 years but the Saffer team still has to wear his legacy.

Australia will be thought of as cheats for the rest of my lifetime if they don’t kill them all in all forms of the game!

Well I’ve been so gobsmacked that I haven’t, as you can see, rushed in and made any comment so far. I seriously doubted that Smitty was as stupid as his statements have made himself and Warner out to be, and it would appear that the latest statement by Moises Henriques backs up my thoughts.
Anyway the integrity bloke landed yesterday and Sutherland arrives in SA this morning, the full truth of the matter is still to come, and there just may be quite a few prominent people eating some of their words.

If Henriques is right, Smith is too stupid and immature to be captain in any case!

@bitingmidge said in Ball tampering?:

If Henriques is right, Smith is too stupid and immature to be captain in any case!

Agreed, either way he’s hung himself.

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