A few tense days

Just got SWMBO back from hospital, had a nasty growth that was removed on Tuesday, went for surgery and was in overnight, they really wheel them in and out quickly these days.
All went well and we are now awaiting biopsy results.
She had been suffering abdominal pain for a while and scans found a growth so with that gone we are hoping for a few more years before the next service.
At the moment she is a pain in the arse as I have to do everything and she is quite unreasonable with her expectations of moi.
Of course immediately after surgery she was told not to eat by the surgeon, she had a small chocolate which she immediately deposited on the bed.
My drama now is to keep her quiet so planning a tripo somewhere in the next few days to keep her out of the garden, may have a shot at Adelaide to savour the boredom factor.

Wish her all the best from us Iain, and now you know what she has to put up with from the big bastard she lives with. :)

from now on yep…boredom should have been last month. bright side is a new government. Got rid of those pompose turds.

Hope all turns out to be nothing serious,.

Fingers crossed for you and your missus, Iain.


Bugger. .

From me too… toes crossed. I’m at the boredom side of surgery right now - two weeks ago, 1kg lift limit for another week, just want to get going. Didn’t think of Adelaide though - what a top idea!

What they all said. Best wishes.

My biggest problem at the moment is keeping her still as she is not allowed to drive for a month, unfortunately she has a host of friends who all offer to come and take her out which is probably as bad.
Keep still, jiggling around in a car is probably as bad as driving, she went out yesterday for a few hours and is paying the price today, feels like she has been hit by a truck, says she is going to take out the ride on mower, it is as rough as guts when you’re feeling OK, no suspension so I have hidden the keys.
Just made a batch of pizza dough for today and tomorrow so I will invite some people over so she will sit still, will do some beef ribs as well and feed the masses, all outside with paper plates so I don’t have to clean up and the dogs can have the bones.
Results on Wednesday then may take off on Thursday in small blocks, just see how far she can travel.
Locked the shed so she can’t get her garden tools, cost me a bunch of roses and a vase though.
This is like dealing with kids.
Am I worried, I’m shitting myself at the moment.

@bunyip said in A few tense days:

jiggling around in a car is probably as bad as driving

I was driven to Bris on Good Friday - 2hrs. The actual trip wasn’t too bad but I spent 2 days in bed after that. I expect the trip to Adelaide might take a while!

I feel her pain, (and yours!)


@bunyip said in A few tense days:

dogs can have the bones.

Don’t feed dogs cooked bones.


Oh, and best wishes.

Got the all clear yesterday, started out as a cyst on an ovary but when it was removed they found some little growths, they removed the other one as well and found similar growths, biopsy is all clear but had another test yesterday just to reinforce the initial findings.
Has been ordered to not do anything but I found her in the garden digging a hole yesterday, she did suffer some pain as a result and vowed she won’t do it again, bloody stubborn woman, ignores what is advised then it will be my fault.
Unfortunately I don’t think we will be going anywhere as we went out yesterday for a 50km drive and she was buggered so Adelaide is out of the question unless we do it in 20km installments.

Great news about SWMBO Iain, the trip to Adelaide can be done anytime.

@bunyip said in A few tense days:

Adelaide is out of the question unless we do it in 20km installments.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you! Glad she’s going to be OK.

I drove for the first time today (after nearly three weeks) and found it more comfortable than being a passenger, but the aftermath is still not exactly easy! I still feel her pain!

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