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I’m surprised “Dickie” isn’t on the list.


It is, just under the scribble.

Nunga? This is about the only one I haven’t heard before.

Consider myself educated now with two I hadn’t heard of.
Poms will be upset as all their cars have hooters…

Where have you boojum’s been
Smoo, Snug Mother Of One or a vagina
Nunga Is an Aboriginal in SA

@tolovar said in Smoo:

Nunga Is an Aboriginal in SA

Well yeah, but nunga or nunga nunga (rhymes with bunger) is also a term I haven’t heard since some time before it was made illegal in '95 meaning “breasts” - I always understood it came from the noise made as a result of one being latched on to one of said appurtenances, turning one’s head until grip is lost. The sound of the nipple on rebound is said to be something like: nunganunganunganunga… nunga… nunga,

No I am not making this stuff up.

I note with some bemusement that the archaic American term for nungas, “jugs” did not make it to the list. I suppose it was twenty years after posters for the movie “mother, jugs and speed” slipped past their watchful gazes.

Not that there was any innuendo in the title, oh no, after all Ms Welch’s were hardly noticeable.

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A mate of mine was a customs officer way back when. Dildoes were a prohibited import, but they weren’t even allowed to refer to dildoes, they were doodahs.

@shy-ted said in Smoo:

t they weren’t even allowed to refer to dildoes, they were doodahs.

and since doodahs were OK, they must have had one heck of a problem!


Back in the days before the internet, country folk would do a lot of mail order shopping. The catalogues would often have a picture of a woman rubbing a vibrator on her back, saying it was a back massager.

The ones I saw were on the cheek or neck, nothing like the knobby pulsating things you see in the movies though (so I am told!)

So what was the term ‘Nunga Nuts’ about?


They’d be the nuts from the Nunga tree.

Now to get this post back on track.

Never heard of breasts being called Nunga’s they were called Norks when I was in my teenage years .

  1. Breasts.
  2. Jugs.
  3. Cans.
  4. Knockers.
  5. Bongos.
  6. Bubbies.
  7. Bumpers.
  8. Blorps.
  9. BEWBZ.
  10. Tits.
  11. Tatas.
  12. “The Twins.”
  13. Chesticles.
  14. Chi chis.
  15. Chebs.
  16. Charlies.
  17. Cha cha bingos.
  18. Chubby chest cheeks.
  19. Gazongas.
  20. Kahunas.
  21. Flabbergasters.
  22. Titties.
  23. Double lattes.
  24. Golden Globes.
  25. Jubblies.
  26. Nunga nungas.
  27. Pinch pots.
  28. Headlamps.
  29. Hindenburgs.
  30. Honkerburgers.
  31. Tittaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyysssssss-ah.
  32. Lady bubbles.
  33. Lilyhammers.
  34. Lunchables.
  35. Life ruiners.
  36. Mankillers.
  37. Smothers Brothers.
  38. Sweater stretchers.
  39. Shirt saboteurs.
  40. Snuggle pups.
  41. Maracas.
  42. Marshmallows.
  43. Meat-a-ball-as.
  44. Melons.
  45. Milk Duds.
  46. Mudflaps.
  47. Liberty bells.
  48. Little Rascals.
  49. Bouncy castles.
  50. Baby Busters.
  51. Diane Sawyers.
  52. Danny Devitos.
  53. Don Delillos*.
  54. Phil and Lil.
  55. Lucy and Ethel.
  56. Tia and Tamera.
  57. Bey and Jay.
  58. Fred and Ginger.
  59. Starsky and Hutch.
  60. Funkmaster and Flex.
  61. Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat.
  62. The A Team (size specific).
  63. The Dream Team (not size specific).
  64. Floatsy and Flopsy.
  65. Swanger and Banger.
  66. Goose Down and Fiber Fill.
  67. Squirmy and Squealer.
  68. Ying Yang Twins.
  69. ( . Y . )
  70. Babushkas.
  71. Baby buffets.
  72. Barnyard boppers.
  73. Rocket launchers.
  74. Rattlers.
  75. Traffic stoppers.
  76. Twin Peaks.
  77. Tater tots.
  78. Terrordomes.
  79. Chest butt.
  80. Jingle bells.
  81. Dinosaur eggs.
  82. Party pillows.
  83. Labradoodles.
  84. Shoulder boulders.
  85. Cleave-conspirators.
  86. Built in stress balls.
  87. The only reason some people should open their mouths.
  88. Berries.
  89. Peaches.
  90. Patticakes.
  91. Dumplings.
  92. Honey hams.
  93. Candy yams.
  94. Nuggets.
  95. Nibbles.
  96. Fruits of independence.
  97. Scones.
  98. Samosas.
  99. Enchildas con salsa roja.

@tolovar said in Smoo:

Now to get this post back on track.

Never heard of breasts being called Nunga’s they were called Norks when I was in my teenage years .

Indeed. From “Norco” - Tne Northern Rivers Cooperative Dairy Company of Byron Bay

  1. Chest Puppies.
  1. Fun Bags.

Can’t believe that wasn’t in the list.

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