Pizza dough

This is really starting to crap me off, I make pizza dough following a recipe, all seems to work well until I stretch it out to put on the sauce and topping then the bastard shrinks back and becomes a thick disc that doesn’t cook properly.
I have tried both plain flour and 00 flour and a 50/50 mixture of the two, 500g weighed not measured with 300ml water, a good slug of olive oil, tsp of salt and sugar and 7g dried yeast.
Mixed in a bread amker and all works well and rises to double the size, punch down and knead and leave for a while the cut into portions of about 170g.
Stretch to a circle and the bugger just creeps back again.
Termite suggested not enough water but I weigh the ingredients and tzhis seems to be the recipe that most people use.
No idea why this is going so pear shaped, any suggestions?

I use 370ml of water to 500g of flour, 20ml of oil, tsp of salt, 7g yeast, no sugar.

I mix mine in the thermomix & then let it rise in a warm place before dividing it up to use it.

It is a bit sticky so I keep a tea strainer of flour near where I’m working & sprinkle it on the work surface & my hands.

Well Iain therein lies your problem, your dough is too tight.
Assuming that you are weighing your water, which should weigh 300g, and not using an unreliable measure, you end up with a hydration of 60% which is way too “tight”, in other words too dry.

Cliff on the other hand has a hydration of 74% which should be a lot more suitable for the purpose. As Cliff said you may find the dough a bit sticky to handle, but if the gluten has been developed enough, in other words if it has been kneaded enough, a little bit of flour should make it controllable.

Hydration is determined by dividing the water amount by the flour amount, and read as a percentage.
74% takes a lot of the spring out of the dough, 70% is about the maximum one would use when making certain styles of bread, in particular Sourdough.

Ye gods, a lesson in physics and chemystery, I am ‘measuring’ the water not weighing so will try that too, a nice tomorrow job, never considered the accuracy of the measuring jugs although the good pyrex one has always given good results, of late have been using some plastic ones as some bastard has purloined the glass one, pretty sure it will turn up in a bag of horse feed…
Cliff, is yours one of the revenge of the thermomix models that they finally agreed were bloody dangerous?
If so they are refunding or replacing with one of the safe models, I thought most people were aware of this but it may have escaped a few.
Also, have always used sugar as I think it assists with the activation of the yeast, has nothing to do with sweetness (like myself).
Oil. One 'glug = 38.4ml, One slurp = 35ml, prefix with ‘a good’ = extra 3ml.

@bunyip said in Pizza dough:

Cliff, is yours one of the revenge of the thermomix models that they finally agreed were bloody dangerous?

Ours is the older model, it was 9yo at Easter time.

What is a ‘slug’ of oil?

Try cutting back the oil a bit & increasing the water a bit.

The oil slows the cooking time & that isn’t needed with pizzas I reckon.

Bunyip read it again, you are not using enough water! If you are using instant yeast don’t use any sugar.
Physics and chemistry be fucked, I’m passing on years of knowledge from making Sourdough bread and spending nearly every school holidays, when younger, working in the bakery behind my Mother’s butchers shop.

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I did and will increase the water and drop the sugar.
Will start with the strong/bakers/00/000 flour and do a half batch.
I like the bread machine as it remains warm for a few hours to prove the dough.

With a bit of dicking around with the knob, I can get our fan force oven to idle at around 30° to 40° so I cover my mixed dough to stop it from drying out & sit it in there for about 30mins, that is usually enough to get it to double in size, then I take it out & knock it down & divide it up ready to use.

If we have the fire going, there is a nice warm spot on the floor in front of it that also works a treat.

@cliff-rogers said in Pizza dough:

With a bit of dicking around with the knob

Are we still on the same subject?

Yup, I wasn’t knobbing around with a dick… don’t you have dough to make?

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