See, I always said you blokes didn’t exist.

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Well, that’s disappointing. There I was happily believing that you were all a figment of my imagination and, fuck me, it turns out that - instead - we’re all a hoax. Would you credit it? Might be time to find that Rip In The Fabric Of The Universe and piss off out of here.

Can’t escape Col, some do gooder came along and sewed the bloody thing up.

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Ah well - I’ll just have to open what is apparently a hoax bottle of good Aussie red and convince myself it’s real and I’m enjoying it.

Well it does go a long way to explaining my pommie passport. I still don’t get how that works, but it seems to.

We are supposed to going to pommiland next year, how do we get back?
Maybe Australia is real and pommie land doesn’t exist even if my passport says it does.
What will happen to all the James Bond movies or Priscilla queen of the dessert if the theory is right?

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