A test of image uploads



That was easy. Quite like it.


Gratuitous dog photos.

Okay, I’m a dumb arse. Cant seem to add a pic

You need a real dog
0_1493507649182_DSC_0014 - Copy.JPG

Smart too
Nikon 1 AW 1 not the best image I have seen but it’s waterproof.

Just drag your pic into the “Compose” window.

I did it the old way clicking on the extreme right icon above this box and selecting an image.
Is there a size limit?


Yes, 2MB.

We’ve got 30GB of storage in total.

2MB is a big image, another forum I visit has 128kb which can be a bit tight sometimes, I thought about 250-400kb would be adequate and save space.
Trying to come to terms with the submit button, I find it intuitive to go to the bottom right and it’s not there.


Yes, a little weird.

The Up/Down arrow in the top right of the post window makes the post entry window full-screen.



Seems easy enough.

This post is deleted!

Telling me I don’t have enough privilege to do this action

0_1493533199850_image.jpeg wasusing wrong icon

My new pup, had her a week, 7 months old

Doesnt look like you can edit a post


I can. The three dots in the corner have an edit option.

That work for you?

![0_1493816481813_DSCN9414 small.jpg](Uploading 100%)

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