A test of image uploads
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Yes, seen to be broken. Don’t know what I’ve stuffed up. I’ll have a look.

@bitingmidge said in A test of image uploads:

@tqft User Error I reckon - :grinning: (emojis have gone @dog )

Have you tried just dragging and dropping the pic?

@tqft Hehe… or administrator error!

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I’ll try again:


0_1493976875756_DSCN1588 copy.jpg
![alt text](image url)

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Must try that, see how we go…
Yep, posted a post

I’d rail against that but you probably wouldn’t have a bar of it.


Your response is quite wooden.

@dog said in A test of image uploads:

I can. The three dots in the corner have an edit option.

That work for you?

My reply
No, but I am trying 6 days after I posted, imagine there is a time limit to edit

My edit
I can see them now and can edit

Will just be a matter of finding where all the different buttons are

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I don’t know how long the edit option stays “live” but it’s less than 24 hours.

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