Alan Joyce and that pie incident.

I suppose most of you saw that toss pot shove a pie in Alan’s face on account of the fact that being a brain dead wanker gave him the right to protest the pro marriage stance taken by Qantas. Anyway hopefully he gets a few charges but for once I took the time to write to Alan on his Qantas email, much to my surprise I got a real response, most likely someone on his behalf doing the leg work with a few standard responses to the usual punters putting in their two bobs worth but it is nice sometimes to get something back that actually addresses what was said in the first place. there are a few politicians that could learn something from that.

Good to hear, and don’t discount the personal input from the bloke. If he’s as good as I think he is, someone else may have written the response, but it would have been at his direction.

On a similar note - a family close to us living in the US had a ten year old son in a coma and in a critical condition last month (thankfully he is now recovering). Kid was a fan of former president Obama. A friend of the family wrote explaining the situation, and the big bloke took time out to write a message of encouragement!

Ditto - Supercoach Wayne Bennet. After the now famous Australian Story a decade or more ago, my sister in law wrote to say “thanks for exposing yourself and your family, it was great for our teenage son to see”. More than six months later, one evening while she was cooking dinner, the phone rang - the man himself thanking her, and asked to have a few words with “the Lad”.

Unbelievable stuff all round - I truly hope if ever any of us are in those positions, we would react similarly - but I doubt it!

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