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OK, since Cliff’s gone to the trouble, I’ll throw my hat in the ring.
Three years ago, before my USA/Canada holiday, I bought a Canon SX50HS, a P&S with a 60x optical zoom that I thought would be good for holiday snaps. It turned out OK, but the lens quality wasn’t what I hoped, and as I started to get more into photography I could see its shortcomings.
Before my latest trip, I was considering a DSLR, a Canon D760. Nearly bought one, but when the shop assistant left me for a group of Chinese tourists I walked out & didn’t. Finally decided that I’d be better off concentrating on improving my technique than spending money on a new camera.
When I arrived at D1’s in the USA, she said she had a late birthday present for me. When I opened it, she’d bought me a Canon 7D, with 18-135mm lens.
The difference in quality is, as you’d hope, quite noticeable. Of course, now that I have a new camera, there’s no excuse to not buy more gear to go with it.:money_with_wings:
An example…
0_1495145820912_JTNP27 CHUCKWALLA.jpg

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Of course, now that I have a new camera, there’s no excuse to not buy more gear to go with it.:money_with_wings:

A couple of examples…
0_1495145820912_JTNP27 CHUCKWALLA.jpg
/Users/aspringall/Pictures/Holidays/USA 2017/Day 28 - Joshua Tree NP - Los Angeles/JTNP32 TREE SILHOUETTE.jpg

Your buying a lizzard, I will have to monitor this thread closely

Yeah, that is a strange thing to get for photography. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You need the monitor so you can view the photo.

Faaaarrrkk. :smirk:

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I was considering a DSLR
@Shy-Ted said in photography:
she’d bought me a Canon 7D

I shall mail this clip to my kids! Where did I go wrong?

It’s going on for five years since I went mirrorless, and I still miss the DSLR performance - mind you, when I update the camera the new one will be closer in all respects. I really don’t miss lugging the weight though, and we do lug more than the average bear.

I’m kind of stuck I think now - with a nice array of M43 lenses, and unless something remarkable happens (like someone wants to carry my gear for me) I’ll keep practicing! I wonder if I will ever get to use the camera to it’s max? Probably not.

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