A little Dowland

(An American ensemble, does this name translate to 'The Ducks Voices?)

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very different yet very enjoyable. In this day and age one would need to be very confident and strong minded to sing and play that kind/style of music.

There are many who do, I remember about 30 years ago I was travelling through the Shepparton area on a very hot day, we stopped at a pub for lunch and I had my guitar with me which I took in so it didn’t cook in the car.
The locals insisted on me playing, I declined but they became persistent so I gave them two Bach violin partitas, they were not impressed.
This is one of mine in a similar vein.

I posted this some time ago, and, I am very close to buying another lute as some bastard stole my last one, just ubdecided as to what to go for by way of courses but considering 8 (15 strings, 15 weeks tuning).

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