A Question for the Ex-ADF Members

As expected, if it’s in the telegraph it’s usually bullshit. No doubt it’s been followed up by that paragon of masculinity, Alan Jones.

The full ADF rebuttal of the story is here.

I read the rebuttal earlier, and accept it as the official line, but we both know that there is usually a vast difference between the official line and what actually happens. I refer you to the past glowing reports that were given regarding the military academy in Canberra, and the facts concerning the disgusting rituals and initiation rites that were the truth that finaly surfaced. I agree with the lousy standard of journalism currently, but be fair and admit that the lousy standard applies to both left and right. Like any story the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

3AW just got hold of it so it must be true, collective bunch of wankers who have nothing to say but keep talking shit anyway.

@bunyip so why do you listen?

I am so traumatised by talkback radio and “opinions” of pumped up “celebrities” that barely have enough brains to hold their ears apart, that I can’t bear listening for more than the time it takes to turn them off.

talkback radio requires ‘special’ people… on both ends.

@enter-username said in A Question for the Ex-ADF Members:

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@enter-username said in A Question for the Ex-ADF Members:

You have to apply for it.

Why would I do that?

The grandkids might want it one day, or more importantly they might want to wear it on ANZAC Day if you don’t.

I’ll ask them, one is 4 & the other is 1.

i DON’T LISTEN TO 3aw, it just happens to be on after SWMBO has been driving as she uses it for traffic reports, I listen to 3MBS or ABCFM.
Denis Walter is a wanker who generates income from asking people to call in with inane questions such as your favourite date venue etc etc, what a waste of space.

I was curiouss as to what the plain white ribbon I saw was called so looked up all the awards on the ADF site, couldn’t find it, either the bloke we saw wearing it was telling porkies or ADF have removed it.
The closest was the Antarctica medalwhich has a fine blue stripe either side.

The Polar Medal - pre 1987 - has a plain white ribbon. It was replaced in 1987 by the Antarctic Medal.

Yes< but the bloke I saw wearibg it said it was the national service medal.

This is the Australian NS medal. I’m entitled to it, but haven’t applied as for me, it would be a medal for doing nothing much.
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