Is it that time again?

If Dutton is elected as PM, the Liberal Party will be decimated in Victoria. He is poison down here.

And in NSW.
I’d like to see Bishop get up, and be leader of the opposition. You won’t get good government without a good opposition, and I reckon she’d do the job well. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee a good government, & if Labor turn out to be duds (quite possible) and the Libs can ditch their loony right - Abbott, Dutton, Abetz, Andrews etc. - they could come back with her as PM.

Don Chipp, where are you now that we need you?

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Don Chipp, where are you now that we need you?

Yep, there were some good ones back then.


ScoMo is PM designate.

The LP is broken and unlikely to be repaired any time soon.

Turnbull wasn’t dumped because of policy differences, he was dumped because is wasn’t one of ‘Them’. That being the conservative right. They have made their move to take over the party.

Curious how that will play out. Many of them want to reverse the Same Sex Marriage law, turn Australia back to White and other things. Their demographic is the bigoted, old white blokes.


Fjook, more money down the drain.

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BREAKING: Bill Shorten Wins Liberal Leadership Spill

When fiction is stranger than truth… here’s Annabel Crabe’s take from ABC News Online.

The fear among conservatives was always that Malcolm Turnbull was secretly, in his heart, running a Labor government. And isn’t that funny, because that’s exactly what they’ll now get, writes Annabel Crabb.

This prick is just another Turnbull, no guts no inclination to take the hard line to improve the country , just another follow the line and get re-elected.

This country needs to make some hard decisions on the economy, immigration, power supply, and law and order, ( in that I mean mandatory sentencing to remove the wishy washy decisions of some of these magistrates and judges who only answer to their own colleagues and not what the Australian public want )

We are fucked with the easy going moderates who just want to get re-elected. We are about to to become the worlds largest exporter of natural gas, and our domestic gas prices are higher than Japan for Australian Gas.

Look at your power costs and they are directly related to Gas prices.


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Where do you get those soap boxes Toli? My Axel Stands are all rusted out.

Thats another thing , bloody rust, why has there never been any politician that has done anything to stop rust, or even tried to pass a bill to stop it. Oh no their too busy lining their own pockets by using rusty old cliche’s .

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