I'm back, didn't miss much did I?

Been out to Longreach for a week.
Helped pack up & move some of Mum’s stuff to the town house.
2 truck loads.
Also took a couple of loads to the dump.
Pulled out about 500 2nd hand steel posts from old fence lines & dragged the old fence away from the new fence, found a suitable Gidgee tree & did lappies around it with the old fence in tow until it was a nice tidy knotted up mess.
Dug some holes, cemented (concreted for the pedants) some posts in for cloths lines, pergola & car port. Had fun doing that, I got to drive the Dingo with the Auger.
Did a bit of cattle work, 9 (I think, lost count) to be branded, de-horned, de-knackered as required.
Drove about 2500kms.
My brother took his drone & I have about 80Gb of video footage.
I’ll pick through it & stick a bit up on my dropbox & post a link for anybody interested.
You’ll need beer, shit it is dry.
I polished off a carton of beer & 4 bottles of red.
One brother (who had given up drinking) managed to demolish 2 x 30 packs of cans & 5 glasses of red, not a bad effort for a non-drinker, he did shout a few beers for those unfortunate enough to turn up empty handed.

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Sounds like you had fun. My dog wants to know if he can come up next time you’re de-knackering cattle.

Can I bring our neighbour up?

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