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just stay away from the mirrors

Scare yerself did you?:trollface:

No. When I shared the photo…

Yeah, I saw that pic - eeeergh!

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Nasty disease that blurry dick syndrome…

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Nasty disease that blurry dick syndrome…

Yes, it can polish you off.

Muzza, I also have just got an EOS 7D to. You can set it to take both raw (CR2) and jpeg at the same time. You can then have a quick look at the jpeg image and if it doesn’t need to be nicely edited you can crop it or whatever & re-save. However, if it needs a lot of editing - e.g. white balance, brightness, contrast etc, you can open it using DPP, do your editing and if you wish, save it as a jpeg or tiff. You can then save your raw file with or without the changes. Whichever of the above you do, your original .CR2 file will be accessible.

@Shy-Ted I started with the 7D set for jpeg then decided to shoot RAW and transfer everything to a PC. I only convert the ones I want to print. DPP (I might have this wrong) seems to be good with RAW but to edit jpegs you need something better than what shipped with the camera. Could be this is the Lightroom slot. Love the 7D. Got a 35/1.4 and a 17-40L. Traded my A-1.

I set NEF and jpeg fine for much the same reason, much faster to scan through the smaller files than the raw which can be up to 40mb.

Yep, love the 7D. Daughter bought it for me as a surprise birthday gift, with an 18-135 lens. I’ve just bought a 35mm f/2.8 macro.
You can open raw files in DPP, save as TIFF so you don’t lose any quality and edit in GIMP (which is free). This lets you do lots of good stuff, and you can save in pretty much any format you like.


I just use Lightroom to import everything and use that to view and edit or delete as appropriate. You can put all the ones you want to keep into a ‘collection’ and then export them in batch to various format and sizes. I typically export for the web at 1200px at the longest side, as jpg and rename them.

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Is Lightroom any more functional than the Canon digital processing software? I got a D7 a while back and am using that for simple edits. Can’t justify Photoshop.

Someone should have told me to check with Caterpillar… FFS

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It’s good to see some more Canon users here, the knuckle draggers were getting a bit cocky ;)


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