Bloody cars

That is well known with the 3 litre patrols that crapped themselves just out of warranty, Nissan were well aware of the problem but did nothing about it.
I would never buy another Nissan for that reason.

Just got a call, car is ready and waiting to be picked up, they won’t tell me what the problem was as it is a warranty claim and Hyundai don’t want to waste time explaining what exactly was wrong, it probably took longer to explain that than what the problem was with the drive shaft

You recall a few weeks back that the Holden Dealer had my car for 16 days and didn’t charge for the fix. Well it’s true that you get what you pay for, I know why they didn’t charge because they didn’t find and fix the fault. The fucking thing failed 3 times this morning an nearly got me run over, I’ve got skin and bark off both knees, both elbows, my big toe, and a bruise on my arse the size of a big saucer.

When the car stopped for the third time in 20 Mtrs it was in the worst possible place of course, right in the middle of a cross intersection. There was a downhill on the way I was going on the other side of the intersection, so I started to push with the aid of another bloke, Pam was in the passenger seat, just as we got to the start of the incline and the car was just starting to roll I lifted a leg to get into the car when some other “helpful” bloke rolled up and gave it an extra hard shove. Consequently I was knocked down, my sleeve caught in the door handle, being dragged along the tar with the car increasing in speed. Finally freed from the door handle the back wheel missed me by 50mm as I cartwheeled down the road, and Pam managed to drag on the handbrake.

After I could stand up and the shakes were manageable I climbed into the drivers seat, turned the key and the fucking thing started. I’m not game to drive it the 18K to another workshop that has been seriously recommended, so the NRMA tow truck arrives tomorrow to cart the thing there. Would you believe that the dealer that I initially took it to said they wouldn’t be able to look at it until early November, bunch of cunts.


Had a similar thing happen with the last (the very last) Holden I had, the day after a service. Fortunately, it died on the highway right opposite my office, so I went in an made a big sign, “Lemon - Serviced by xxx yesterday, broken down today” and rang them. I sure didn’t have to wait till November for them to get there!
This was after they’d chased my wife home after she’d collected it from the service because the brakes hadn’t been assembled correctly.


Holden Australia must have a central customer service hotline somewhere. I know Ford do.
Mention to your service (??choke choke) provider that your pissed with their service and lodging a complaint with Holden Au., Motor Trades Ass and Dept Fair trading.

Thanks for the advice Tonto but they covered their arse by not charging me anything.

Bloody hell, by 9 last night I was finding out what pain was all about but with the help of 2 Endone I got through the night. This morning I have sore spots I didn’t know that existed yesterday, and have a right knee that has ballooned, with a right elbow that is doing its best to match it. My right shoulder is another story altogether but I suppose that’s because I was dragged along by my right arm.
SWMBO has for some reason declared that the transfer of car to workshop will be postponed until next week.

You can claim against your CTP for that and it may put the spotlight on GMH.

@bunyip said in Bloody cars:

You can claim against your CTP for that and it may put the spotlight on GMH.

maybe worth your time yapping with lawyer or legal aid that would put the shits up olden, they supplied you with a car not repaired but also deemed unsafe.

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