Financial pressure

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There was someone on the news in the past couple of days saying they are struggling on on income of over $200,000.00PA.

Yes, people have a tendency to balance their spending with the their income. Expensive houses, cars and private school, $200k will barely cover it.

Eldest had braces and they cost us justr over $5k almost 20 years ago, I paid up front to get the tax advantage, paying them off would cost more and a lesser tax return as it spanned two years yet we watched the mothers in the expensive cars making a payment.
Maybe life wasn’t so good for them after all.

My oldest had her braces 4 years ago. It was discounted to around $9000 because we paid in 1 go.

Youngest and eldest granddaughters came for a 2 day 3 night stay over last week, we had to get normal milk 2 ltrs cook breakfast pancakes at least $5 extra bread rolls ham , tomatoes etc for lunches ( we don’t eat lunch ) , and the quantity 13 and 10 year olds eat for tea, then there’s the cost of power to run the TV and charge their iShit contraptions.
To make it worse the wife takes them to the pictures … AND … buys them cakes and stuff before the movies… AND … gets them treats for the movies. I won’t even get into the extra cost of petrol to drive them around , plus pick them up and ( thank Dog ) drop them off.
So don’t you blokes complain, we had to pay all that out of our meager pension, and their not even our own kids.

And it’s not just a one off, it’s every school holidays and often in between as well.
When does the cost ever stop.

Fortunately it’s slowed down since I made them bring their own toilet paper with a run out and your in the shit clause.

You want to hope they don’t need brain surgery. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s ok Cliff their parents have full Medical

A problem is we don’t.
We dropped out 27 years ago , put 25K in an account and have put all out government refunds back into it’.
We have a greater amount now in the account and with the wife have had several hospital procedures.

18 months ago Lyn had a minor stroke , ambulance picked her up and to a casualty ward, 2 days and home . Cost 0

Cost however to re vamp the back bathroom , toilet, and laundry so I could help her shower and so that we had a toilet you could use if you were on a walker 25K.

Cliff I know you have had huge costs and have had a lot covered by medical through no fault of your own and I am Glad Gina got the best possible treatment with I pray great results.

Currently costing me about $80K a year to pay out ex.
I live on about $15K - seriously.
Christmas cruises and bathroom renos are not on my list of things to do 2018.

We have private health, it covers the hospital.

@wongo said in Financial pressure:

My oldest had her braces 4 years ago. It was discounted to around $9000 because we paid in 1 go.

Could’t you just remove their teeth?

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