Art balls up

Don’t you love it when some sellers just get it so wrong, found this on ebay whilst looking for something else:

Titled ‘The Lute Player’ by ‘Carrav Aggio’, wonder if they meant Carravagio?
The title was right but the painting was by Orazio Gentileschi who was influenced by the Carravagio style, once again some sellers just can’t get it right although I suppose they can be forgiven to an extent as the name of the page is Carravagio, at least they got the spelling right.
Almost as good as a reference I saw by an American who visited Agra India and talked about the Tajma Hall.

Then there’s the Einstein who, on hearing that the shredded Banksy print is now worth more than it was unshredded, shredded his own $40,000 print, which is now worth…precisely $0.

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