What happened to Dent and why are we shit at Cricket


Cast back your mind.

Clearly Dent is not dead. Just got a new missus . To save a lot of brain farts for my shedduvian cohort . The gurl is Greek.

To those who know…you know.To those who don’t…you don’t

It would be like explaining space travel to a goat. Or sex to a virgin

Or what my old login was

I’ll try to get back on the Shed .I figure when I drive her to church then I’ll have time

So back to the important issues affecting the nation.

The Cricket team is shit. The ones with testes . I turned 53 the other day and have seen the ups and downs.

Never have I witnessed our game in this state . Even in the WSC era we cobbled together a team who could fight

It seems the more Cricket spends on its management…the more it departs from its vital agenda.

In fact if you asked Cricket Australia what that is they would probably form a sub committee to answer a question that every “dyed in the wool” lover could answer in a heartbeat

I was working at Lavarack Barracks for 2 months just recently. Doing a substantial building project

On the wall in 2RAR there is a banner that describes the Regiments purpose

(Not verbatim and apologies to those who have served but you’ll get it)

“It is the Soldiers job to find and close on the enemy.Kill or capture him. To seize and hold ground “

Another one is a long quote by a man writing about the real strength of an Army

“The strength of an army lies in the weapons training of its infantry”

It goes on to describe other things that matter but not as much as that…or this banner

“ 2RAR . Preparing Soldiers for War”

You can see where I’m going with this.

I’m not going to change the culture of CA
They’ve probably hired a reject IT CEO to do that. It worked at the ABC

Why did CA ban the trio for ball tampering for so long when it’s been happening since WG Grace started shaving? Was it to smoke screen their incompetence?

It’s all getting too fucking much

Think about what talent we have on the sidelines for breaches of “ conduct “

Steve Smith
David Warner

Maxwell for “ not being a fit or not trying the right way”
Renshaw “ JL said … he’ll play a lot of tests but he’s short of batting time “
Steve Okeefe . Gets pissed at a function and it’s off to club Cricket

Maxwell is a walk up start. A genuine all rounder and match winner.

Back again

Maxwell averaged over 50 in the Shield last year
I wish markdown would piss off im trying to get back on the shed


Renshaw scored 3 tons in the English summer. That’s time in the middle to

The Marsh brothers scored a combined total of 44 runs in 8 bats in the Pakistan series

If Uzzy can’t get a knee, if our players can’t get sorted in a tough Shield comp and we can’t pick players because of personal nuances…or keep them…then it’s a long way back.
Kieth Miller rooted half of the royal family. Warner rooted anything with a heart beat,of the opposite sex and same species

Boonie drank 2 cartons in transit to the UK.

They would get a life ban now

But we need a great Cricket team. One that plays Cricket

I like your post but a sus about the credibility of some of those replying…

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