40' container.

Bought this to shift wifes crap/craft stuff into so I can hopefully get the shed back, but fuck it underneath 2 huge big bees nests/hives whatever. 1 would be about 600mm long.

Now If spent a few nights going out when all settled and surface spray and trays of petrol, multi layers of dead in the morning but very angry relatives. So borrowed a bee keepers outfit and last night ventured out and fuck those sods can do serious damage through a pair of leather gloves, but the fork & spade made a mess of both nests and did that get them in a shitty mood.

So tonight full gear, 2 pairs gloves including welding gloves and we made a right mess of their habitation.

But heres the but… the rest of the nest appears to be between rails or part of the framework, but cant get my head under enough to have a squizz.

So how to I find the layout of chassis?
what can you recommend/suggest to remove the rest of the ‘family?’

I could dig a couple of indentations in the ground a use big car jacks and blocks to till it up one side.

You cant set fire to the hive as then the flooring would go as well.

tape some plastic sheet , painters drop sheets are cheep , from the edge of the container to the ground all the way round , hold the bottom down with some bricks etc and empty a few cans of good spray underneath as close to the nest as you can or set of some roach bombs , but whatever bee careful

@tolovar said in 40' container.:
but whatever bee careful

Pun intended?

without droning on I was just using a buzz word

@bunyip said in 40' container.:

Pun intended?

Stinging remark.

due to inaccessible comb, they shoits are still hanging around, would love to find quennie and give her a right going over, so latest is firstly use the smoker on them, pacify them, then we use plastic all around the edge of container sealing up underneath as a HUGE air pocket then throwing in around both nests cockroach baits and aerosol bombs. fumigate them.

Yes I am aware that bees are having a hard life, fact is its lack of pollen thats causing their decline. But when it comes to safety and no other way to shift them then drastic measures will be forced upon them.

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