Went away last week

Took the dog with us in the caravan, not sure how he was going to take to it.
Arrived for night one and went inside to make a coffee, dog discovered the bed in about 30 seconds…


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How can you call that bare-arsed lump of skin and hair a dog?

Is that something an actual dog vomited up? :)

That dog looks like he has been down the road. 🤔


You should really see a doctor about that hair growing out of the skin legion that you’ve got there.



Same goes for Chinese Crested thingies.

Arriving at my Granddaughter’s place for Christmas.

A guinea pig?

What you should give your dogs for xmas Dog!0_1543463064436_botox .jpg



@shy-ted Is dog shaving a thing in Australia?

@workshopshed said in Went away last week:

@shy-ted Is dog shaving a thing in Australia?

Not for me, but there’s no accounting for the tastes of some on here.

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