Saving photos from email in windows

Sent some photos to a mate in an email. He can see them but says he can’t save them. In macOS it’s easy, you can click on File - Save Attachments or right click and Copy Attachments. How do you do it in Windows? Don’t know what version he has or what email, but I suspect it’s pretty much whatever came with the system.


Depends on his email client but I can’t imagine that you can’t save attachments. Every email client is used works pretty much the same way, right click on the attachment and save.

I MacOS you can also just drag and drop them onto the desktop. Surely (and I’m not being cynical) you can do that in Win?

Lots of people brought up with commands are not comfortable with the simple ways of doing things - just an observation. I showed a friend that he could just drag attachments on his new Mac and his comment:“Why do they have to make it so complicated?”

right click on the attachment in the e-mail before opening and he should get a save all option

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