So I’ve gone and entered another design challenge to win a dremel and a very expensive multimeter (Keithley DMM7510). This time I’ve got to “upcycle” something so I’m taking an old RC car and a Furby and combining those with the bits of electronics they provide.

Raw Materials

You can see the progress here:


Got 2 weeks to go so it’s getting a bit stressful.

Does this mean you’ve forsaken the flea circus Andy?
For a Furby? (whatever that is) :)


@Craig I still have a flea circus interest but have many other projects

So do I, may even finish one sometime…


@bunyip said in Upcycling:

So do I, may even finish one sometime…

Is that actually possible?

Have you been talking to my missus?
Home at midday today and I have about a quarter of an acre of horse shit and straw to pile up and move, if it’s raining it can bloody well wait.
SWMBO wants it in her garden beds so I have to shovel it all up (with the FEL) then load it into a trailer and shift it to the front paddock.
Put new fence posts in last week, got to love the new Kubota and post hole digger.

First video posted of the working car

So now I know where the missing kids toys ended up!

The top 3 prizes went to some slightly more polished projects.
Have been redesigning the electronics so they are simpler by swapping out the provided parts.
Also managed to destroy my 3D printer head during the contest but that’s now replaced so am printing again.

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