@madbugger said in Dent:

We gotta do something to fix the cricket team.

Easier to fix the match.

Oh, hang on, let’s think this one through.

Sack em all from representative cricket for Australia for 3 months, no match fee, nil. zip.
Any replacements can’t br much worse, and the fear of never playing for australia again might just focus their minds.
we can’t actually kick them in the ass, so closest we can get

I saw Steve Smith and David Warner at Bunnings yesterday. I think they are getting ready to come back to the team.

The team performance is retribution for the excessively harsh punishment given to the trio. You will be amazed at the performance when they return to play. Laugh at this if you like.

Pig’s arse! The cricket team’s performance just shows how much we relied on two very talented players. After them we have very few world class batsmen.
Harsh treatment of them would be to make them, and most of the ACB board, smash their own balls with a rubber mallet, and then sand away the resultant mess. Harsh, but fair for these idiots.

Just got a text from Dent. He’s okay, lives up high on a hill. Is watching the cricket and cleaning out his grape juice cellar. Few of his mates live down low are in a spot of bother.

Good to hear. from what I see on the news, Townsville is impersonating an 80’s boy band: Wet Wet Wet.

Maybe he should switch to drinking water for a week or two. 🤔

You bastards could channel some excess this way, we’ve got bushfires on our doorstep, I go outside and choke on the smoke.
Of course some prick lit them deliberately.

@bunyip said in Dent:

Of course some prick lit them deliberately.

3 main causes of wildfires in Australia:
men, women and children, but not necessarily in that order.


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