Bad News Unfortunately re Lig

Just got a call from Jims daughter, Jim passed last monday.
I called in on him last week and he seemed as good as usual , but most suddenly last monday he passed away

There was no service as per Jim’s wishes , and we can all understand that but a memorial few drinks will be at the Matrins Creek Fire Shed on Saturday the 3rd of june starting around 4pm

The only ask is for a rsvp re catering and to wear your most insulting/sarcastic ‘T’ Shirt, Penny (jims daughter says that they have ordered 80 insulting shuch shirts as a present from Jim for those attending

So If anyone is considering going let me know and I’ll put in a shed total as far as the RSVP bit goes

RIP Jim I’ll miss you


Ah fuck.

RIP Jim.

It is bad news, poor bugger, he’s had a tough road the last few months

This would really amuse him, I just burnt a pile of CD’s for him.
Bugger indeed, Vale Jim and all his anecdotes.

Bugger, fuck, 'cos just plain bugger isn’t enough according to the new forum sofware.


“Bugger, fuck” is more appropriate.

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Get fucking fucked

Fuck it

Ahhh, shit and bugger :( Vale Lignin.


Sadly, we can’t be there, but let’s know the date and we’ll wear a rude tee shirt out of respect! :anguished:

Saturday 3rd june

Bugger, fuck, fuck, bugger.

Really sad news.

Bugger to fucking buggery, that’s shit. Glad for him and his family that it came on suddenly at the end. RIP Liggy


Is Jim’s son going to be present.
For those who never met Jim, think of ‘All creatures great and small’ not James Herriot, Jim was more like Siegfried, did not tolerate fools gladly and a spade was a spade and if you felt insulted then he felt he had got his point across.
A number of us went out to lunch with Jim and we never needed a floorshow, Jim would let loose with his tales of woe and relate to the fools who wanted to cross swords with him (but never won), dedicated hater of Gough Whitlam and religious zealots but generous to those who were privileged to be amongst his ‘flock’.
He even liked my dog which was something of a surprise.
I doubt I can make it as I still have a stuffed back but I’ll see how I go after a physio session on Tuesday, if I do go I can probably manage a passenger if anyone else wants a lift.

Never met him but enjoyed his wit and gruff online demeanour. RIP Liggy.

Lousy news. Never met Jim but he was quite clearly a good bloke and I’ll miss his contributions to the Shed. For those of you who are able to make it to his memorial - raise a glass to him on my behalf.

Ah fuck … that is very sad news. :(

Never met him in person, but did speak to him a few times on the phone, helping him sort out his technology issues (of which he had many :) ).

Poured some whiskyout for him last night

Jim was a Gentleman of the old school, and could hold his own with the best of them. He wasn’t a snob and would have you in stitches with some of his tales, which were in fact just some of his life’s experiences embellished and enhanced as only Liggy could.
He’s one where the bucket of water would have a hole.

A very dryly funny man, who gave a lot to society and to those who needed help.

I’m glad that he was able to see that his old home in the UK was still in good condition, but sad that his old pub was closed.

Vale Jim.

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