The trouble with bananas!

We always had bananas growing in the yard when we were kids. You’d chop down the bunch as soon as the first banana showed signs of yellow and hang the bunch under the house and eat them as they ripened over several weeks.
A banana was deemed ripe when it started to get brown spots and streaks on the skin - any earlier and they were too starchy.
Up until recently you could only buy perfectly unblemished fruit from the supermarkets and you had to let them sit at home for a week or more before they were edible.
Now you buy the perfect yellow ones and they are ripe inside and if you wait for the skin to turn the flesh is mushy crap.
Can’t they leave a food alone? its bad enough that nothing has any flavour anymore but for fucks sake - the Banana!!! Why? :banana: :banana: :banana:

think of us down south, bloody fruit pumped with fuck knows what to preserve it for transport. Shit years ago when visiting the outlaws in Queensland (after I got my passport stamped) they gave me a banana straight off their tree, never tasted anything so beautiful in my life, took me years to eat bananas again from supermarkets.

Nothing will ever taste as good as that which is left to ripen on the tree or vine, apart from an Avocado which doesn’t start to ripen until it falls from the tree or is plucked by hand.
That’s one thing I miss not living in the Philippines anymore, the fruit/veges your maid buys this morning was still growing yesterday morning.

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