Oh Dear Woe is Me

just got this today , as I’m not paying you may all get some good pictures of me and my enjoys, except my camera points up so I hope you enjoy ceilings.
The only thing was it was sent from my email address , how they do that I don’t know but I am told it’s quite common so I did a password change anyway , Norton picked it up and the sweep oa spybot malaware and norton shows nothing , will forward it to Telstra and scamwatch
0_1548987388166_ransome scam jan 2019.jpg


I got a very similar one a few months ago, saying that they had hacked my web cam caught me wanking to some unsavoury content.

I figured that everyone knows about my goat porn fetish so I ignored it.

I had a few of those and negotiated the fee as I don’t have a web cam.

I put black tape across the screen cam when I’m I don’t have a screen cam.

Yeah, I’ve had one of those, was tempted to ask if he could make sure I got a copy.

Apparently, it’s one of the more successful scams

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