some pens.

Since I’ve stopped renovating, I’ve had a bit of time to do other stuff.

Like making stools for the grandkids ( no photos of the finished product):

0_1551233119818_2018_12_21 at 13-42-03.jpg

And a high chair. (Wongo might recognise the seat timber)

0_1551233142757_2019_01_03 at 14-37-41.jpg

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And a bench seat for the front porch. Note that most books do not recommend using, or burning or breathing the burnings or being anywhere near the ash or soot of CCA treated timber. That seemed like the perfect excuse for a crack at a shou sugi ban finish.

Anyway, the neighbour’s old pergola continues to serve.

0_1551233396595_2019_02_15 at 17-25-39.jpg

It can’t be from the rejected packs can it? Didn’t you turn all of it into knobs?

Then one of our eight year olds decided that his sandpit needed a makeover:

0_1551233530784_2019_01_10 at 16-59-09.jpg

You haven’t been this productive in years

And our collection of ‘found’ beach tools needed a tidy up. Is that sagging line giving anyone else the shiddle-di’s?

0_1551233641631_2019_02_13 at 09-28-40.jpg

@wongo I have actually, but it’s been on a very big project! :D

Nice pen.

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