Solar question

We already have a 4.5kw system in place, can I tack on another system rather than just add panels and upgrade the inverter.
Was thinking about a 5kw if it can be done.

You would need to check, there is generally an upper limit to what you can install of 5kw max often less, however in your rural environment you may be able to add above that. I think the answer is you may already be maxed out.

an interesting question i will have to follow this

You wouldn’t get the govt subsidy for a second one though would you?

In NSW i’ts 10 kw I think , we have a 7.2 system, not sure about the government subsidy though , but if you pay you can certainly add more panels and change the inverter

Just checked and it is 5kw on single phase, I am on 3 phase so I could go to 10 kw

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