It is official

It is official. I am a better man than George Pell.


You always were.

You’re lucky it wasn’t Pell doing the touching.

Has withdrawn his application for bail and is off to the big house for the night.
Robert Richter QC must have realised it is a lost cause and despite being a scruffy looking prick is one of the best defence barristers in the country if not the best.
Pell is still in complete denial and thinks that he can get home detention, methinks he is in for a bit of a shock, and the GG is already talking about a visit and taking his AC back.
Not only should Pell go down but all his dirty little supporters who are pretty much condoning his activities.

Does anyone think he can get off?

@wongo said in It is official:

Does anyone think he can get off?

I have enough faith in the legal system to think that if he is not guilty he will be found thus. I haven’t been present for the whole of his trial as those that made the decision were, so am happy to abide by their decision.

If they have erred, then he will win on appeal, but will ever be thought guilty.

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