Last Saturday I gathered all my lawnmowing gear, mower, whipper snipper, fuel cans, oil, spare whipper cord, took a photo and put them up for sale on Gumtree as a complete kit. Tuesday morning a bloke who had just moved from a unit to a house bought the lot. Considering the mower was 25 years old and the whipper 20, I figured $250.00 was a good price. That 250 now represents 5 mows of the lawn.

Yep, it’s official, I’ve been sacked from mowing the lawn. The decision was actually made before Xmas but you’d be surprised how hard it is to get a mowing team, they are in great demand. SWMBO has had a quiet word with my GP and she laid the law down that she is sick of expecting me, for some time now apparently, to cark it while mowing, and she has ganged up with my GP to sack me.
I’m going to have to find another excuse to have a couple of coldies at 11AM every Tuesday.

Good decision. Mowing is what they mean when they talk about carking it “on the job”.

I have an exemption, it’s called a ride on with a drink holder.
The bloody thing threw a belt a week ago and I’m buggered if I know how to get it back on as I can’t move the tensioner, I think I picked up a stick while mowing and levered the belt off the pulley at the drive end.

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I have had to rethread & adjust the Geenfield a couple of times, good now.

This is a Husky 18hp, been looking for videos on the fix without any joy, when it cools down will have another look underneath for the tensioner so it can be compressed to get the bloody belt back on.
And don’t want a deck mower for the kubota.

Looks easy enough if this is your model 0_1551328236288_belt replacement .jpg

Nothing like mine thanks anyway, problem is it is so tight getting inside the bloody thing with my big paws even with the deck dropped to the lowest level.

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even with the deck dropped to the lowest level.

Would tighter underpants help?

Only if I want to be a counter tenor.

We’ve got one of these. I’m unlikely to be sacked for a decade or more yet.
![alt text](![alt text](image url))0_1551498634153_9fddefb6-c0ee-4d21-bcbe-ece5fd9cf49d-image.png


hope you have fixed the problem Bill,
one solution is to use an electric start self propelled mower

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hope you have fixed the problem Bill,
one solution is to use an electric start self propelled mower

My solution is a 35yo husband/wife team that are in and out in 30 minutes after doing a bloody sight better job than I have ever done. Once a fortnight in the growing season, 3 weeks spacing in the shoulder season, 6 weekly over winter. $50.00 a throw. They even poison the weeds in the gardens and paths. They do handyman work in the slack times.

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Send them here, our gutters need cleaning…

well me pc shyt itself so now i wait till me missus computer is vacant then use it. trouble is I am turning into an old fart and have trouble using my fingers and feet seeyalater some time

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