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faark is there going to be anyone left in the liberal party come election time?
What do they know that we dont, are they deserting a sinking shit opps ship?

Then again labour must be wanking their little paws off at the moment. and gawd forbid they win Id give Plebersec or whatever the bitches name is less than 6 months and she’ll try and topple Shitenden. Then Wongy pongy will have a tittie fit and throw in the rag.

Hells bells think its time to leave the country. there are times the thought of not voting, gladly paying the fine seem a good idea.

A pretty good summation of why

Sixty elected members of the federal government have made the decision not to run in the upcoming election! This is an exceptionally high number compared to previous elections. Some of them tell us that it is for family reasons, others for their desire to serve their fellow citizens in other fields and some for other laudable reasons to make us feel for them. Methinks there might just be a more pertinent reason for this exodus.

In 2015 a change in the pension conditions for MP’s mandated that the age of full retirement for an MP, having served a minimum of all of 6 years, will no longer be 55 years but will change to 65 years as of the coming election. This means any MP who has served 6 years or longer and is not yet 65 can retire on the benefit from the present pension scheme entitling them to draw a government pension of over $100,000/year for the years until they are 65 as well as beyond. For an elected MP approaching 55 who does not stand for reelection, that means $1 million that they would not receive should they run and win again. There is also a severance premium (between $80,000 and $125,000) upon his/her departure.

You can now better understand all these sudden “family emergencies”, appreciate the newfound desire to advance a career in a government job or a committee of some sort and have two or more salaries (and possibly two or more pensions).

Not bad as a justification to not run . The best pension scheme designed and voted in for politicians by politicians but paid for by each of us. Democracy, for the people by the people. I think not."

Donkey vote?
Is it they who vote or they we get?

Not a bad summary, Tolly, where did it come from?

Things don’t look good, whoever wins. Although it’s likely labor will get in, it’s no dead cert. However, what is certain is that there won’t be a good opposition, and without a good opposition you won’t have a good government. Even the best governments can’t resist the temptation to overstep the mark, and this will be far from a good government. If he has a good majority (unlikely but possible), the leader is will to be at the mercy of zealots in his (no her, in this case) party.
I can’t see Shorten retaining leadership for very long if they win, and if Scomo miraculously gets up, he will have to form a cabinet with a good number of the lunar right, egged on from either within Parliament or without by the mad monk. There will probably be enough of the mad independents - Katter’s party, Hanson’s party etc. to grab whoever wins by the balls and get their lunatic policies through, while stymying anything the government tries to do.

Keating & Hewson come back, all is forgiven.

Didn’t the Labor mob bring in something that virtually prevents the top dog getting kicked out? It’s a crazy situation where Labor is leading the polls but the Liberal leader is the preferred PM.

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@termite said in Federal politics:

Didn’t the Labor mob bring in something that virtually prevents the top dog getting kicked out?

Nah, that was the current PM.

Don’t know where it originated , but have seen it a few times and upon checking thought it put a pretty good spin on whats happening.
Only like to bet on sure things and Labor getting in one there own isn’t.
Doubt if either party can get a majority so One Nation , Katter, and dog help us Palmer may well hold the balance, though the Greens are still a force.

In the state election however a sure bet is Mark Latham getting in on the One Nation Platform.

But if you are looking for another party to vote for in the Federal Election you certainly have a choice. Besides the
Liberal Party of Australia, National Party of Australia, Liberal National Party
(Queensland)[a], Country Liberal Party
(Northern Territory)[b], Australian Labor Party, Australian Greens, Centre Alliance, Katter’s Australian Party, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation, Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party, Liberal Democratic Party, Australian Conservatives, United Australia Party
who already have seats there is

Animal Justice Party, Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated, Australian Affordable Housing Party, Australian Better Families, Australian Christians, Australian Country Party, Australian Liberty Alliance, Australian People’s Party, Australian Progressives, Australian Workers Party, Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group), Citizens Electoral Council of Australia, Climate Action! Immigration Action! Accountable Politicians!, Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Health Australia Party, Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, Involuntary Medication Objectors (Vaccination/Fluoride) Party, Jacqui Lambie Network, Love Australia or Leave, Non-Custodial Parents Party (Equal Parenting), Pirate Party Australia, Reason Australia, Republican Party of Australia, Rise Up Australia Party, Science Party, Secular Party of Australia, Seniors United Party of Australia, Seniors United Party of Australia, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Equality Party, #Sustainable Australia, The Arts Party, The Australian Mental Health Party, The Small Business Party[3], The Women’s Party[3], Tim Storer Independent SA Party, Voluntary Euthanasia Party, VOTEFLUX org Upgrade Democracy!, Western Australia Party

Enjoy the senate ballot paper should be about 2 meters long .

Pirate party, Arrrrrrr!

And I think they still have until Monday to register. Oh, for joy!

Pirate Party
Part of their policy is
Life and Death

The right not to have your life taken from you.
Any application of the death penalty would become unconstitutional.
The right to end your own life should you explicitly, in right-mind and without coercion, choose to do so.
This would allow euthanasia, provided that the conditions listed above are legally confirmed.
The right to control your body and health, including the right to terminate a pregnancy.

That would stop walking the plank , arrr

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